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"Everything was brilliant."

"Just perfect for me."

"Very thought provoking, thank you."

"It was an excellent delivery of the course

and warmly entertaining.

A great learning experience of our faith."

Participants' feedback

Course on the Eucharist 2022

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course.

It has been a formative experience for me in terms of my own spiritual journey. I has given me practical tips and tools to bring into my vocation as a catechist. It has sparked a fire within me. It made me realise there's so much richness to the faith. The content was presented with clarity and in a very accessible way. I'd highly recommend others doing it.

Thank you!"

Participant's feedback

Essential Training for Catechists 2022

"I felt that the course helped me to think and develop my own knowledge and faith, as well as equipping me in a very practical way, to pass it on to others. Actual links to good quality resources and tips on what to say / how to use them were invaluable and I was putting them into practice with my Confirmation group straight away."

Participant's feedback

Further Training for Catechists 2022

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