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What is Children’s Liturgy of the Word?

Children’s Liturgy of the Word (also called Liturgy of the Word with Children) is a form of the Liturgy of the Word that empowers children to participate in the Mass as fully as possible. In a Children’s Liturgy of the Word, the Scripture readings of the Mass are broken open and explained by a trained liturgy leader so that the children can grow in their love and understanding of God.

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How do I prepare and deliver Children's Liturgy?

Resources for Preparing a Session

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Resources for Understanding C.L.O.W.

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Resources for Delivering a Session

Church Documents

From the Catechism 

  • Liturgy of the Word: CCC 1349

  • The Senses of Scripture: CCC 115-119

  • Sacred Spaces: CCC 1179-1181 

From the YouCat for Kids

Liturgy of the Word: pages 122-123

Liturgical Year: page 161 

Liturgical Prayer: paragraph 492

Creating a Sacred Space

Proclaiming the Word


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