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We are a team of parents, grandparents and parish catechists committed to helping Catholics with additional needs to experience the fullness of life in Christ. We have a wealth of first-hand experience of catechising individuals of all ages and abilities with conditions such as autism, ADHD and Down's Syndrome, and also of living with neurodiversity ourselves.

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What can we do for you?

  • One-to-one mentoring

  • Recommendations of catechetical resources, both for sacramental preparation and ongoing formation 

  • Training for your parish or group, covering inclusion at Mass, in sacramental preparation, and in the domestic church (the home)

  • Signposting to other organisations 

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Organisations and Inclusive Masses

UK Diocesan Organisations

Arundel and Brighton Diocese

Inclusion Adviser: Margaret Fraher

Cardiff Diocese

Faith and Light group

Southwark Archdiocese

Additional Needs Co-ordinator: Chris Henley

Leeds Diocese

Disabilities Forum, Caritas Leeds

Liverpool Archdiocese

Under construction - please contact Liz Parsons to find out more.

Northampton Diocese

Pastoral Ministry Adviser: Canon Kevin O'Driscoll

Nottingham Diocese

SPANNED (Supporting People with Additional Needs in Nottingham Diocese)

Westminster Diocese

Caritas St Joseph's

National Directories

Directory for Signed Masses in England and Wales, Catholic Deaf Association

Contact a Community, Faith and Light

UK Inclusive Masses and Retreats

Arundel and Brighton Diocese

Creative Prayer Retreats, Lay Community of St Benedict

Leeds Diocese

Cupertino Inclusive Masses

Westminster Diocese

Contact Caritas St Joseph's for details.


Are you involved with an inclusive catechesis ministry in the UK?

Please let us know so we can add you to this directory!


For catechists

Sacramental Preparation

Adaptive Reconciliation Kit, Loyola Press

Adaptive First Eucharist Kit, Loyola Press

Adaptive Confirmation Kit, Loyola Press

Adaptive Finding God Kit, Loyola Press

Different Gifts, Same Spirit, Loyola Press

I Belong Special, Redemptorist Press

Symbols of Faith, Redemptorist Press


Adapting Catechesis

Five tips for teaching children with autism, Dcn Lawrence Sutton

Adapted Faith Formation, National Catholic Partnership on Disability

Handbook for Adaptive Catechesis, Michele Chronister

How to Welcome, Include and Catechise Children with Autism and Other Special Needs, Dcn Lawrence Sutton

The Adaptive TeacherCharlene Katra

I Call You Friends, Widgit Symbols

Inclusive Prayer Sessions, Mission Together

Dyslexia-friendly font, Dyslexie

Create symbol resources, Widgit Symbols

to find resources

Finding Resources

For families


Self-Care for Special Needs Moms, Kelly Mantoan

Special Children, Blessed Fathers, Randy Hain

Spiritually Able, David and Mercedes Rizzo

Better Than OK: Finding Joy as a Special Needs Parent, Kelly Mantoan

Faith, Family and Children with Special Needs, David and Mercedes Rizzo


God Loves the Autistic Mind, Fr Matthew Schneider LC

Praying for your Special Needs Child, David and Mercedes Rizzo

Prayer Books, Widgit Symbols

Prayers for People with Down Syndrome, Saint for Down Syndrome

Friends and Intercessors, Accepting the Gift

God Beyond WordsJill Harshaw


Mass and Catechesis

Home-Based Religious Education CurriculumAccepting the Gift

Making Faith Accessible, Summer Kinard

Family Advocacy ToolkitAccepting the Gift

Remarkably and Wonderfully Made, Rosemary Macintyre

Missal Flip-Book, Loyola Press

Catechesis Videos in BSL, Catholic Deaf Association

Sunday Gospel in Widgit Symbols, Kairos Forum

For parish priests

Sacramental Preparation

Guidelines for the Celebration of the Sacraments with Persons with Disabilities, USCCB

Valuing Difference, CBCEW

Ministry and Catechesis

Youth Ministry for People with Autism, Way of St Thorlak

Taking the Lift to Heaven, Michele Chronister

Parish Life

Speaking of Disability: Pastoral Guidelines on Language, National Catholic Partnership on Disability

Inclusive Participation Assessment Tool, National Catholic Partnership on Disability

Making a Sight-Loss Friendly Church, TORCH

Making an Autism-Friendly Church, Churches For All (Church of England ministry)

Inclusion Training, Kairos Forum

Workshops on Welcoming and Including People with Autism, Susan Hartley

Inclusion and Accessibility Audit, Diocese of Leeds


Training for Sensory-Friendly Masses, National Catholic Partnership on Disability

BSL Lectionary, Catholic Deaf Association

Mass Readings BSL Videos, Catholic Deaf Association

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Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 11.26_edited.jpg
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to learn more about additional needs, disability and inclusion

Going Deeper


Disability and the Church, Lamar Hardwick

Kinship in the Household of God, Cynthia Tam

Of Such is the Kingdom, Summer Kinard

Autism and the Church, Grant Macaskill

Salt and Light, Maureen Pratt


What is Autism?, National Autistic Society

About Downs Syndrome, Downs Syndrome Association

Learning disabilities and learning difficulties, Mencap

What is ADHD?, ADHD UK

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