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How it works

Choose what is best for you

We offer two types of online formation:

Register and attend the sessions of your choice. 

What if I am not in the UK?

You can register to the online courses advertised in GMT times. 

If you wish to book an online course for your parish or diocese outside the UK , we will try to adapt to your time zone. Simply contact us.

How long is a course?

The short courses we offer include

2 to 6 weekly sessions,

depending on the topic. 

Each session lasts 01h30m.

They normally take place

on weekday evenings (GMT). 

What about in-person courses and events?

A parish, diocese or group can choose to run a course in their own location.

We'll travel to you for each session, providing it's close enough for us to do so reasonably

(no more than 100 miles radius).

Alternatively, we can travel further for a single formation event adapted to your needs.

We'll  ask that you cover our travel expenses. 

Online platform for our courses

We run our online courses on Zoom.

Make sure that you have updated your device with the latest version.

The courses open to all feature a registration link ('register') which will allow you to sign up on Zoom.

Sustaining the Sisters

Registration is free for all our short courses and events. We suggest a donation of £5 per person per session to help us live our life of consecration and do our work.

Get in touch if you have further questions.

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